Are you ready to shake up your marketing plan? Take advantage of Townsquare Mobile Billboards in Cedar Rapids, IA

Get Your Name in Front of Your Customers Across Iowa

Are you looking for a new way to advertise and reach customers in Cedar Rapids and across Iowa? We provide mobile billboard advertising services, offering a new form of advertising that takes mobile billboards to the next level.

We produce high-quality images to create eye-catching mobile billboards. Our images roll from inside the truck and are protected by glass panels.
You can place your ad on the either side or the rear of the truck so that your business name or logo can be seen from all angles.

We'll produce the panels, install them on the truck and drive around town or park the truck in a location that your target audience frequents.

3 benefits of mobile advertising

Is your advertising campaign falling short of your expectations? You should consider mobile billboard advertising because:

Your ad will get noticed

Rather than hoping customers will drive past your billboard, your ad will be on the move and can be parked in front of your target audience.

It's more affordable than a traditional billboard

Choose a time frame and price range that fits your budget and allows you to reach your goals.

You have control over your ad campaign

You have the opportunity to decide which days and hours you want your ad to run.

Picture your business logo displayed on a large panel and traveling around town or parked in front of a crowded venue. If you want to make this a reality, get in touch with Townsquare Media Mobile Billboard of Cedar Rapids, IA today.




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Who Can Benefit From a Mobile Billboard?

A rolling billboard is hard to miss! Common examples of who can benefit from these services are:

  • Businesses
  • Events
  • School Function
  • Sporting Events
  • Charity Fundraiser and Awareness

and more!

Getting Started is Easy

Get in touch with our advertising agency today to determine your goals for your marketing run. Then all you have to do is send us the digital file that meets our production specs, which can be your business name, logo or a special you're running. Once you send the artwork to our team, we'll produce the panels and install them.

Contact Townsquare Media Mobile Billboard today to start planning your mobile billboard in Cedar Rapids, IA.